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released May 23, 2017

Habits is Mike Ligocki, Mark Helfman, Chris Mele and Kyle Burkert.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Scott Wolff at Aces & Eights World Headquarters.

All songs © 2017 Habits.



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Here's To Us
The way this is going down
The sequence is oddly family
I don’t want to say that I’ve heard this before
But there’s something in your cadence

Do you know how
It feels to be overrated
The patterns and colors bleed into each other
Like cars on the highway that jump the divider

I’m not saying to change the direction
You say “Da Da Da-Da Da, here’s to us...”

Does anybody here this?
Is anyone listening?
All is lost but tell them that I gave my all

You can sell my shares for their weight in dirt
It’s worthless now that it’s bleeding
I’ve bitten my tongue
But I left you a note that says, “Thanks for that, I’m leaving...”

Hey we’re not that far from Boston
I spent all night on the road
Hey we’re not that far from Boston
We spent all night on the road

To the battleground
To the killing field
On the cutting room floor
So long Kingstown
Track Name: Spark Keeper
I haven't been the same, I'll admit it
Fully take the blame, for forgetting
I need you dangerously
I know you feel it

Spark keeper keep breathing
I need you more than you could ever know

It burns on and on
Spark keeper
Keep holding on

I haven't been the same
I'm better in your arms
Fully take the blame

Heart beater better believe it
I need you more than you could ever know

It was like time had never passed
We sipped cocktails and talked for hours
Then the rain took us on home

When she kissed me it all went white
The culmination of all that time
I knew right then that I'd never leave her side
Track Name: Turn Me Off
Ever been so tired that you just can't sleep
When your head can't take all the secrets that you keep
Wish you could keep your eyes closed
Then you can’t see what you know

Everything is changing

I know time won't wait
And it's killing me

Have you ever seen long nights for days on repeat
And your skin crawls from the violence and the hate
Oh how the skeletons grow
But know one knows

Everything keeps changing

I know time won't wait
And it's killing me

There’s a war
There’s a war
We are fighting fires in our beds
Let it heal
Let it all heal
We can find some solace in these years

Have you seen long nights
(We are the first to get in line, to never wake up alive)
There’s a war to fight
(So turn me out and turn me off, everyone say goodnight)